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AI Research

Dr. Tobias Baur


In my main profession I am an AI researcher at the Human-Centered Multimedia Lab at the University of Augsburg.

I received my PhD (Doktor rer. nat.) in summer 2018. My main research focus is on creating tools that help (non-)experts to create and understand Machine Learning models.

My research topics are:

Artificial Emotional Intelligence; Social Signal Processing; Machine Learning; Explainable AI; Affective Computing; Human Computer Interaction,

With the tools developed at our lab we can help analyse affective and emotional reactions of people towards certain stimuli, e.g. advertisement videos, art installations, health-care applications and similar areas.

Our tools on Github (Open Source):

NOVA: eXplainable Cooperative Machine Learning, Data Annotation and Analysis Github
Open-Access Article at KI
SSI: Real-time Social Signal Interpretation Framework Github
emoVoice: Build your own real-time emotional speech recogniser Github

1 repositories, 8 followers.

In case you are interested in a cooperation with our lab or a tutorial on our tools or want to know more details on how this can help you contact me at

Or check out my University Website